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A comprehensive, objective resource for oil and gas lease information.

Panhandle Producers and Production Association

Stenger & Stenger Attorneys at Law

Oil & Gas Journal
One of the most prestigious publications in the oil & gas industry.

How do you pronounce that?
Find out – and gain access to a library full of reference material:

Like Puzzles?

What began as a producer of fuel additives has grown into a company offering ways to improve everything from lubricants to transmission oil.

Alaska: more than just a pretty face.

American Society for Testing Materials
When a quart's a quart and a barrel's a barrel…

Oil and Gas Reserves
Need data on Calgary oil reserves? You're in luck!

The Asphalt Institute
The Asphalt Institute is a U.S. based association of international petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers, and affiliated businesses.

Gas Processors Association
If it has to do with the processing of natural gas, you'll find it here at the Gas Processors Association's website.

American Gas Association
The American Gas Assocation offers this site featuring everything from news and trivia questions to products and services about the gas industry.

American Chemical Society
From basement chemists to chemistry experts, everyone can find something of use at this site loaded with information of  about the chemistry industry.

International Energy Agency
IEA member governments are committed to taking joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies and have agreed to share energy information, to coordinate their energy policies and to cooperate in the development of rational energy programs.

Gas and Oil - Technology Exchange
A clearinghouse of information on government agencies, oil & gas producers, distributors, resource centers, consulting firms, academic research groups, universities, and national laboratories.

Statellite Views of the Earth
View the earth, sun ,or moon from this really cool site.

World Petroleum Congresses
The WORLD PETROLEUM CONGRESSES was founded in London in 1933, to provide a Forum for  discussing the issues facing the oil industry on a worldwide basis.

The website for the wildcat who has everything: something to put it in.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest individual-membership organization serving those in the exploration and production (E&P) segments of the worldwide oil and gas industry.

Petroleum Stocks
This site provides an array of information on stocks and news items from the petroleum industry.

Global Recycling Network
The Global Recycling Network is the most comprehensive Recycling Information & Trading Resource on  the Internet. It offers a one-stop solution to recycling information needs, while spurring the development of international trade of recyclable goods and services.

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
Founded in 1927, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) promotes the study of petroleum geology and its related sciences

A site rich with information about oil and gas careers, news, resources, and investments.

Petroleum Marketers Association of America
Representing 9,000 independent petroleum marketers nationwide, the Petroleum Marketers Association of America seeks to preserve private enterprise and a favorable competitive climate in petroleum distribution.

National Petroleum Council
The National Petroleum Council: A site rich in resources on subjects ranging from environmental issues and energy forecasts to resource development.

American Petroleum Institute

Baker Hughes
The definitive authority on worldwide oil rig counts,  this 12-year-old company also provides products and services for the drilling, completion and production of oil and gas wells.

Oil Online

American Association of Petroleum Landman

Oilfield Directory - Internet Newsletter
An informative site with references to services, bank quotes, stocks and bonds, prices, and discussion forums.

The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, Wiess Energy Hall
A fun and informative look at the history and science of oil and natural gas exploration.

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